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Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort

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We are different

At Tulia we believe that luxury is something what you can’t buy, yet it is available. It’s an experience.
Genuine smile and interest in guest, together with high standards is what makes us unique.

Lukas Sinogl

General Manager of Tulia Zanzibar

About us

“Tulia Luxury Hotels Group is a chain of small luxury boutique hotels of the highest level,
focused on a beach holiday in exotic destinations.”


The foundations of the chains were laid with the opening of the first of the hotels – Tulia
Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort in the year of 2015. It was the pilot project, which helped
to define and refine the model of the hotel operation and the offered services. The hotel
represents the best what you can get on Zanzibar.

The Tulia Brand DNA

Chain philosophy

Each resort within the Tulia Luxury Hotels Group has a common design language and the architectonical finishing of the highest level, while there are used only the local construction materials. In all areas of the hotels, there are a botanical garden of the premium level. The design and architectonical finishing within Tulia Luxury Hotels Group are always conceived for merging with nature and with the character of the environment. Within the chain, the hotels are mainly differentiated amongst each other with the level of offered
services, with the price, an equipment, and room size.

From the operational point of view is the chain offering services with a focus on the individual needs of the client, starting with the reservation, actual stay, up to the departure with limousine/helicopter. It is focused on the personalization of the client’s wishes. From the private airport transfers with a helicopter, over to gastronomy prepared by the best chefs in the field, service of a personal butler, up to individual excursions on the island with private guide and translator. Within the hotel, there is always a zone for relaxation of the
body and mind. Whether it is Spa, gym, tropical garden or unique plant and animal farm, the hotel is always blending
with nature and it is returning us to the roots.

All of the hotels in the portfolio are always offering the best what is possible to be achieved in the tourism sector.

Our Core Commitments

The Tulia Luxury Hotels Group has evolved around a doctrine of core values that underpin each of the Projects and drive the Development Programme for future expansion.

TLHG believe that if you are going to make a mark on these pristine Tropical environments, then there is a duty to get it right, to set benchmarks for sustainable luxury tourism development in emerging destinations, and ensure that the lives of community partners and staff, as well as the guest experience are elevated also.

TLHG have built a reputation for their innovative design standards, blending contemporary aesthetics with traditional African architectural styles to award-winning effect, diligently siting them amongst the exuberant vitality of the carefully-nurtured tropical landscape to create sanctuaries of nature, design and service.

It is to these surroundings that the hospitality pays homage, rather than to the places that the guests leave left, honouring the delicate management of people and planet, stimulating economic, social and environmental benefits that empow the local community in the long-term.

This duty of care informs all aspects of TLHG operations, harnessed by staff and partners, to create hospitality product that is genuinely worthy of the Luxury label, and of the destination in which TLHG operate.

Tropical Luxe

Architecture and design, informed by our location, by all that surrounds us, to inspire bespoke hospitality experiences without equal. Destinations as unique as Zanzibar deserve only the truly remarkable, we strive to always offer design and service of similar distinction.

Care For All

Our guests, our staff, our communities, our environment, we are all in this together. We have a duty of care to fulfil if we are to do this properly, a duty that we take very seriously, always, and it flows through everything that we do.

Naturally Authentic

We don’t believe that Luxury shouldbe enclosed or isolated from Nature. Our guests become part of their surroundings, their rooms pay homage to their locations, the food comes from the garden out back and the ocean out front, We are part of where we are.

Makers of Memories

We offer experiences rather than bednights, memories individually curated for the guest who visited, memories to cherish for a lifetime. We are refining our services every day, looking to improve, seeking to impress, because that’s what our guests expect.

Our Core Responsibility

Giving Back

TLHG could not be here without the participation of Community Partners & Staff.

The principal pillar of Commitment is to the people who work with TLHG to make Tulia Luxury Hotels Group so successful.

TLHG have implemented a series of long- term initiatives to ensure that their success with all of those who participated.

Whether it be building social infrastructure for the Communities, supporting sporting and cultural events, or improving access to water and sanitation, TLHG invest in their Partners and they invest in TLHG.

TLHG Staff enjoy best-in-class facilities and services, for them and their families, deserved thanks for their support of the TLHG Vision.

Details available upon request.

Staff Welfare

Community Equity

Training & Capacity-Building

Prioritise Local Sourcing